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My first thoughts when touching them was that the leggings felt thick and really soft. My first impressions when working out in them was that they were super comfortable to workout in and I did not have to worry about them being too thin when doing squats, lunges, etc. There is nothing that I would change. Although, next time I would probably order a different style since I like the length slighlty above my ankles. I would definitely get more pairs and tell my friends to do the same!

Nicole- / San Francisco, CA

When I first got my leggings, the cool design is really what stood out the most. When I put them on I felt like I had instantly lost 15 pounds! They look great on and are super comfortable!

Julia / Denver, CO

I loved the image, it was very clear. The feel is amazing! They feel soft, but I feel like they're also strong. They kept me warm and pretty dry while I was snowboarding. I can't wait to put them back on and I want more! lol

Marta / Denver, CO

Received my leggings on Friday and I'm at home FINALLY wearing them.... OMG I am doing love! I can't wait to wear them to pilates! I haven't worked out in them yet, but I love the fabric. They are amazingly soft. The thickness is perfect... not too thick, not too thin. Their shape is perfect and I don't get the sense that they will get weird and baggy around the knees or butt. I love the high waist. It makes me what to maintain my posture. I feel like the cut is VERY flattering on me and the size couldn't be more perfect.

Sarah / Denver

These yoga pants though... I received them yesterday and worked out in them this morning! Love them! I love the fit. I like that they are high waisted. I like the feel, the length, the design, and how comfy they are to work out in.

Vikki / Washington

I recently purchased two pairs of YPG yoga pants. My first impression upon wearing them was "wow". The high waist makes my butt and stomach look fantastic. My second thought was they are comfortable. While I am currently living in an area where yoga studios are no where to be found, I have gone for long runs and stretched in the them. The only brand I can compare them to is Nike. Lets just say I did not know I was missing out on comfort until these pants. I love them and I am so excited to be rocking my crazy prints!

Carrie / Tennessee